Special Offers

  1. Crunchy Deal

    Any Medium Pizza,Masaka fish in Fries or nan and 2 cans of Drink
  2. Special Lazio Offer

    Any 2 x 10" medium pizzas, portion of potato wedges OR wings, garlic bread, coleslaw & a 1.5L bottle of soft drink
  3. Family Feast

    Any 2 x 13" large pizzas, any large kebab, portion of BBQ wings, garlic bread & a 1.5L bottle of soft drink
  4. Lazio's Deal 4

    Any 2 x 15" x-large pizzas, 2 x portions of garlic bread, BBQ wings OR chicken nuggets & a bottle of soft drink
  5. Lazio's Deal 3

    Any 13" large pizza, medium donner meat with fries, portion of potato wedges, garlic bread, potato salad & 2 cans of soft drink
  6. Lazio's Deal 2

    Any 10" medium pizza, any large kebab with fries OR pitta bread (for naan 50p extra) & 2 cans of soft drink
  7. Lazio's Deal 1

    Any 10" medium pizza, fries, portion of BBQ wings & a can of soft drink
  8. Lovers Deal

    Any 2 X 10" Pizzas,Any 2 Large Kebabs (for nan 50p extra) Portion of BBQ Wings,Garlic Bread and 1.5Ltr Bottle of Drink
  9. Family Deal

    Any 3 X 10" Pizzas,Any 2 Large Kebabs,2 Offer Fries,Onion Rings,2 Garlic Bread,Portion of BBQ Wings and 1.5ltr bottle of drink
  10. Kebab Special Offer

    Any 2 Large Kebabs,2 Med Fries and 2 cans of Drink
  11. Mama Mia Deal

    Any X-Large Pizza & Get 2 Small Pizza Absolutely Free
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